This is what I find important


Enjoyment is of paramount importance at Total Woman Bali. Enjoy the sun, the delicious food, the smell of incense and freshly picked flowers, the need for nothing and the attention for yourself.


Relaxation starts with a 'soft landing' in Bali. Being picked up from the airport, a warm reception at the villa. Let go of the 'must' and control and surrender to the sun and the culture of not having to do anything. The first few days, you still suffer from jet lag. A fact not to be underestimated. You've had a challenging journey. Sit back and take your time. You don't have to discover the island in a few days. Relax and enjoy everything there is. Take a jet lag massage in our spa. Relax...

Being yourself

That is one of the values that I find very important in my beauty spa, but certainly also in the women's villa in Bali. We do our very best in everyday life to meet many expectations and that is not necessary here. There is no detox, diet, healing or otherwise. You are good as you are. Total Woman Bali is especially for women who want to relax, turn back and be or rediscover themselves.

I believe and speak from my own experience that it is healing to encounter yourself in silence and answer your own 'questions'. In Bali everything moves slowly and nobody is in a hurry. Because of the peace, good food, the sun and attention for yourself, you quickly get into a nice rhythm. There's no one here who wants anything from you. You only take care of yourself. Also let me know what you need. Everything is possible here to support relaxation. Massages, meditation, yoga, moments of peace and quiet. But nothing is necessary. Let go, relax and enjoy your time in Bali.

Total Woman Bali

Self confidence

Traveling alone brings you new challenges and insights about yourself. My 71-year-old mother put it this way after four weeks in Bali: 'It is something big, Babette, traveling to Bali is not just something. You helped me on my way and that gave me confidence. I feel so empowered, I didn't know I could still do all this. Nothing too scary, too difficult or impossible. I can do it!'. She is a great example for her friends.

Alone but not alone

If you come to Bali alone, you don't have to be alone at Total Woman. You and the other guests don't know each other (yet), but you share certain needs.
You can meet each other and create beautiful friendships. But if you want to be alone, that is also possible. Find a nice spot in the garden and enjoy the peace.