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Babette Monsma


Total Woman is located on the Indonesian island of Bali in the heart of Sanur. Everything is within walking distance, the beach, the many shops, restaurants and the boulevard. By bicycle, you can reach Sanur from north to south. There is a long cycling and walking path along the beach.


I believe (from experience) that traveling alone without a husband, children or partner is otherwise very liberating. Make your own decisions again. Not having to take care of anyone and not having to take anyone into account except yourself. This creates space to connect with yourself, to get out of your head and to open your heart. To feel deeply, to meet yourself and to think about how you are doing in your life. You will receive these answers to your own questions in silence.


Total Woman Bali is not a hotel. You are my guest in the villa. We are small-scale, local and have a unique concept. In addition, we are open all year round. The villa can accommodate 3 women. The price for a week in our villa is € 675 p.p./p.w. With an occupancy of 2 persons in 1 room € 550.00 p.p. p.w. The prices include the theme room, use of the entire house and swimming pool, healthy breakfast, WiFi, coffee, tea, fresh drinking water all day, meditation in the morning and the transfer from the airport to the villa, and, if you stay until the end of the period, the transfer back to the airport. Our Balinese team is also at your disposal all day long for advice and assistance and to show you the most beautiful places in Bali and thus fill in your trip according to your own wishes. Experience the REAL Bali in a safe and intimate setting with us. Do you have special wishes or requests? Tell us. The flight to and from Bali is not included in the price.

We recommend that you stay at least 10 to 14 days in Bali. Because of the long journey before arrival and the jet lag after landing. The minimum stay in our women's villa is 7 days, the maximum stay is three weeks. If you want to stay a little longer than one week, you do not have to book another full week, but you pay the daily price. If you are already in Bali and you need some feminine energy and fun, you are also very welcome for a few days. We also especially invite the "solo traveling" daughters of our (future) guests to stay with us for some rest, guidance and some extra TLC. From previous experience, I can tell that this is experienced as very nice.

For whom

Total Woman Bali focuses on women. To mothers and daughters, sisters or girlfriends, single or single travelers. To women who don't feel like group travel, single travel and/or mass tourism. To women for whom traveling alone is too exciting or too boring.


Total Woman Bali is housed in a traditional Balinese villa. A real Balinese family house with a large garden, a swimming pool and a spacious covered veranda. The house has three nice guest rooms, an open kitchen and a cozy living room. Each of our guest bedrooms has its own theme. Bohemian Bali style. The bathrooms each have their own shower, toilet, sink and one of the rooms has a bath. All rooms are air-conditioned. You do not have to make your own bed here. The "housekeeping" comes daily to keep our house cozy and clean, because nothing is as nice as being taken care of for a while. There is wifi in the house and a shared TV. Water, tea and coffee is freely available. Snacks and Balinese delicacies are regularly provided. The large outdoor porch is a great place to lounge and relax. Here you can enjoy the warm, sultry evenings and the intimate atmosphere.
There is also a small beautifully decorated spa in the house where massages and other wellness treatments are given.

Our regular masseuse Juni is ready to give you a wonderful treatment with attention, skill and love. All this at a good price! We are small-scale but large in our offer. Everything is custom. Yoga, meditation, massages, outings, etc. Everything is possible, but nothing is 'must'. Because everyone is, and wants something different.
It is not a luxury four-star hotel, no large groups come here. You are a guest in our cozy Balinese family villa where you quickly feel at home. I am Babette Monsma and together with my local friends, our guides, you and the other guests, we will make it a beautiful villa. Feel welcome. I'm excited. From July 1, 2022 we welcome our guests and remain open all year round.

You are so welcome.

Total Woman Bali

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Please contact me for more specific prices, wishes and bookings. The wellness treatments, tours and yoga classes etc. are calculated separately on location and are in accordance with the rates applicable in Bali.

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